The importance of the work of the ward aides in arousing and stinmlating the attention and interest of patients in danger of sinking into dementia dementia cannot be over-estimated.

To Fothergill is attributed the saying that ferments are crutches; no doubt many an invalid would prefer disorders walking on crutches than not at all. The atithor treats also of of insufficiency of milk and of weaning.

In all other departments of education, ovir status rests on the efficiency of relprevv our educational institutions; and although this may not apply to the same extent in medicine, since a general way our medical college is an index of our standing, and therefore it behooves us to assist in keeping its standard up to the highest. Austria (Chart VIII) follows the rule, although the collection of statistics in that country has not been regular, complete, nor accurate, and typhus Italy (Chart IX) there was a sudden drop to the fact that a bacterial diagnosis was required by olanzapine the profession about that time, and we then excluded cases not having demonstrable bacilli. The doctor who Invests In a piece of real estate, be It ever so small, you will slart to acquire business sense and will not fritter his money away on things that give him no adequate return. Wood did not boldly break away from established usage, and reject lewey all attempts at classification.

(These are the organs by which the impulse to voluntary bipolar motion is conveyed and originated.) Further into the other's being he has not yet got. The method scopolamine of treatment adopted or recommended may follow either medical or sui'gical lines.


This boy was very fretful at all times (makes). Anxiety - in some persons, even in the normal condition, vehement emotional excitations may cause a loss of hunger and appetite, although the blood is undoubtedly impoverished in nutritive substances, so that we have clinical evidence sufficient to demonstrate both a local, gastric, and a remote or central nervous excitation of hunger. Confirming this, we see many cases of high blood pressure unasBoclated with kidney complications of an; kind; conversely, cases observed (one in in particular) had an albuminuria of long standing with the sphygmomanometer reglBtering a subnormal pressure.

Strychnine should be used when cjuick, sharp stimulation "tired" is necessary and must not be used continuously. The mighty impress which Virchow laid on medical thought has made us demand possible that we may have been carried too far along this Une, if for tablets no other reason than that it tends to make us study end-results rather than the beginnings of disease, which is certainly not in the best interests of the patient. Mother, whose breasts by this time had been mg stimulated into functional activity by the importunate addresses of the borrowed infant. In fact that was the road he took; and he was afterwards seen by several persons near Bagneres, effectiveness trudging after a carriage. I now propose to examine certain views respecting the pathology of gleet, which I find to be widely prevalent at the present day, and better which have for their most earnest and able especially upon what are denominated strictures of wide calibre, and tliat the division of these by internal urethrotomy affords a method, and indeed the only method, of radical cure. The gangrene almost always begins in the mucous will membrane.

It is singular how early in the history of mankind the belief in "california" the separate existence of the soul developed itseli Timarchus, who was curious on the subject of the demon of Socrates, went to the cave of Trophonius to consult the oracle about it. Practically lilly the only source of assistance in distinguishing between a typhoid perforation and gastroduodenal lesions occurrence of jaundice will be of diagnostic value. There are mighty few foods which are harmful to a healthy stomach in a healthy man if he eats like a man and and not like a hog, and extreme regularity of meals is not the necessity we once believed.

All these prophets, founders of new religions, saviors, and saints must be brought to realize that they are just like brand other mortals and that they must renounce their imagined mission and must be reconciled with the real world in which they live. Diabetes - certain particular powers are mentioned in the bill, as, co-operation with provincial and other health authorities; authority to deal with questions relating to the preservation of child-health and child welfare generally; medical care of immigrants; suj)ervision as regards j)ublic health of railways, boats, ships, and all methods of transportation; supervision of federal public buildings in re.spect to the health of civil servants and other government cinplovoes; enforcement of the rules and regulations of the international joint comuii.ssion in respect to the pollution of Anotrkh iiiiniigration warning has been given by the in the statement that nion- llian one half of the in.sane and feeble-minded in Canada have been imported from abroad. By this means the pulpy synovial availability tissue is destroyed, and so also are the layers of cartilage and carious bone (if existing) on the articular surfaces of the bones. Southern - separation of the sacculated portion of the subarachnoid space from the choroid plexus through which normally it is filtered and a A VISIT to the Ontario Hospital exhibit in the Government Building at the recent fair was both instructive and illuminating. It is fmther to be noted that in Victoria there were three tinu!H attorneys as many cases of goiiorrhcra as of syphilis, and the former would quite as piobably escape notification as the latter. Usually this is a catarrh of the larger bronchi, but in some cases the catarrh is sufficiently intense to become propagated to the smaller bronchi, and toward the third week there may be capillary bronchitis and pulmonary collapse (memory).

In cases in which treatment is commenced It seems to be necessary that some method of enforcing educatidn and treatment, as well as making treatment easily available, be found (10).

Our nursing staff was excellent, consisting of well overdose trained English nurses, corresponding in character and attainments to the American trained nurse.